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My Public Sex preferences

What's your favorite public sex places?In a department store dressing room ....


EthnicityCaucasian / White

Looking For

Must haveIntelligence, Good Looks


FetishesShoes / Boots, Tongue Fetish

Sexual Activities

Dirty talkDepends on the person
Night life:Munches

Sexual Interests

CybersexI've never tried it
Oral Sex isMy favorite
"Off Limits":Poop and puke... blood and extreme pain.uhhg

Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasyMy oral / foot fetish.... to serve a woman who needs attention to her feet...
Fantasy locationDressing room, Public bathroom

Spanking Preferences

Role:I prefer being spanked
Turns me on:Being sent to a room to wait, Being Told to Remove Pants, Being Told to Assume the Position
Include sex and orgasm:Depends on my partner
Positions:OTK - Over the knee, Over a chair / bed / desk, Head or waist between legs, Lying on back with legs raised towards chest
Implement:Hand, Gloves, Hairbrush, Wooden Spoon
Response:Embarrassment / Obedience
Pain level:Just Red

Femdom Preferences

Intensity level:Feathers and Gentle Spankings
I'm seeking:Occasional Meetings
Desired Persona:Dominant Nurse Doctor
I like to wear:Lingerie and stockings, Corsets