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litlbirdygirl likes to fly

What I Want….

Every message I receive from someone I do not know yet, almost always starts out something like this:
“What are you looking for?” or “What do you want?”.
I realize its just a conversation starter, but some people really are waiting for me to answer this question.
I am sitting in front of my keyboard like…..ummmm, uh……I am not sure how to answer that.
So, I decided to sit down and write
What I want, until I find what I want ????
Until then……until I find the “perfect one, for me”.
A great partner who can spank me for fun sometimes,
for punishment if warranted,
and one who can read me and see I just need a very good cry, and he is willing to carry that burden for me.
For me, “I have the MOST strength, when I AM ABLE to be at my weakest point.”

“What I Want. ????
Eventually, I want the “perfect ONE, for me”. The whole ENTIRE pie.
Not just a slice, but the entire pie.
He will tell me he loves me every day, and his eyes will tell me he is sincere.
He will tell me the truth always, the good, the bad, the ugly, except………..
He will tell me how pretty I am to him at least once a week, (even if that is a fib) because in his eyes
I am beautiful.
He will laugh with me, he will cry with me.
He will get my attempts at humor, even if it was not that funny.
We will go on adventures and sightseeing.
We will lay beside one another, snuggled as we talk about everything and anything.
We will enjoy a nice movie or just listening to some great music.
We will set goals together and make dreams come true, together.
He will put me to bed every night with a rosy bottom and a smile on my face.
Except on my really bad days, It may be a scarlett bottom and tears on my cheeks.
He will hold me though, and let me know all in our world is still perfect either way.
So, if you ask me What I am looking for………..that is what I am looking for.

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